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Study In Finland

  • Officially Name: Republic of Finland

  • Capital: Helsinki

  • Motto: "Sisu, Sauna and Sibelius"

  • Population (2018): 55.1 lakhs

  • Climate: Finland is the one with the coldest climate because of the proximity to Russia.

  • Currency: Euro

  • Official Language: Finnish

  • President: Sauli Niinistö

  • Religion: Evangelical Lutheran

  • Total Geographical Area: Total area is 337,030 km2 (130,128 sq mi)

  • Total States 19 states

  • Government: Republic

About Finland

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Why Study In Finland

Low Crime Rates. Finland has an extraordinarily low crime rates, even named as the safest country in the world for 2017 by World Economic Forum With a stable economy, strong public transport network, and access to affordable childcare services, Finland is a great place to study, work and raise a family. Recently, it was announced that Education (Finland) plans to attract international students, particularly, Asian students to the Nordic nation. Finland is a safe country and it is great to know that international students feel the same. 90% were satisfied with the quality of life in Finland. According to Migri, international students have a right to work without restrictions if the work is related to their studies.

However, as recommended by Study in Finland, one should not rely entirely on the income of part-time jobs and the possibility of successfully finding one. University higher education in Finland is funded by the State through the Ministry of Education, and therefore international students enrolled in regular degree studies pay no tuition fees. You can study in Finland for free for international students. Student Satisfaction: Finland Best Place to Study in Europe. International students rate Finland as the best place to study in Europe. This is the result of the StudyPortals International Student Satisfaction Awards 2014. ... Finland was rated as number one, with an average grade of 9.2 out of 10. Under the country's post-study policy, students from outside the EU have up to a year to apply for one-year residence permit extensions which allow them to continue to seek work following graduation. ... That said, Finland's willingness to welcome them with jobs after graduation may serve as a positive counterbalance.

Major Intakes

List of Universities

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