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On Joining, Computer based Pre Placement test is conducted to assess your level. The test is for 45 minutes only and based on your score we will place you in the below given batches of IELTS & PTE. Our classes are designed to maximize student engagement and increase retention so that results can be achieved.


Student orientation is a session that will be conducted on Day 1 of every new batch. In this class the student will be briefed about the exam format ( IELTS / PTE) and other New ways of learning and Development.


New Joining:
Every Monday and Thursday
Any Week Day
Regular Classes
Monday to Friday
Monday to Friday
Every Saturday
CBT class + Mock test + Extra tips classes: L/R/W/S + Doubt Sessions
CBT class + Mock test + Extra tips classes: L/R/W/S + Doubt Sessions
Session Timing

1.) Morning : 9 am – 2 pm

2.) Evening : 2 pm – 7 pm

3.) (1.5 hours CBT and 3.5 hours Class room training)

1.) Morning : 9 am – 2 pm

2.) Evening : 2 pm – 7 pm

3.) (3.5 hours CBT and 1.5 hours Class room training)

Sunday Batch
Timing : 10 am – 6pm
12 Sessions will be accounted as equal to One month Package


PTE (Pearson Test Of English)
Pencil Paper based exam
Computer Based Exam
Different exam has to be taken for Study Visa & PR/WP
Same exam to be taken for both Study Visa & PR/WP
Exam for AC is conducted 4 times in a month and for GT is conducted twice in a month
Exam conducted almost every day
Speaking is conducted within 7 days before or after the main exam , ie: L/R/W.
All 4 modules are conducted on the same day
Computerized /Manual Assessment
Computer based Assessment
Test date has to be booked at least 15 days in advance and some times it takes more time.
Test slots are easily available. Exam can be booked even 24 hrs before the test.
Each skill is assessed separately
Integrated tasks that assess English communication
Scoring Pattern is from 0-9 band
Scoring Pattern is from 10-90 points
Test result is declared after 13 days
Test result is declared within 5 days of exam.


  • English GO online access for 6 months

  • GENIE Book with tips & practice material

  • Student Kit (Notebooks / Demo sheets / Bag/Stationery)

  • Headphone

  • Review Test (after every 5 assignments) and Level Progress Test after completion of each level.

  • IELTS / PTE mock test is conducted before you go for actual test.

  • Homework: CBT and handouts (vocabulary and grammar worksheets).


Every Sunday a boot camp would be organized, which would provide some recreational activities to not only enhance the student’s overall persona but also would help them relax after a whole week of hard work. These Boot Camps will be conducted by professionals who have earned laurel’s in their respective fields. The following activities will be conducted :

  • Personality Development

  • Leadership programs

  • Fear Factor

  • Behavioral Development

  • Grooming Classes

  • Manners and Etiquettes

  • Adventure Sports

  • Refreshments

  • Certification – after attending 3 regular Boot Camps